Discover an Environmentally Friendly Option for Tree Removal

Depend on our tree harvesting company in Boise, ID

Removing a tree creates a lot of waste. While many tree removal companies bring trees and branches to landfills, Warrior Tree Services recycles every tree we chop down. Our tree harvesting company can find a use for any part of a tree, from small trimmings to large logs. We turn trees into high-quality, locally made products that we sell to members of the Boise, ID community.

We're licensed, insured and ready to carefully dismantle or trim trees on your property. Call 801-709-9972 now to learn more about our tree harvesting company.

3 signs you need to remove a tree

You can trust our pro to carefully remove or trim any tree on your property to yield usable pieces and protect surrounding infrastructure. You should call us if you notice...

  1. A tree that's full of dead branches
  2. Fungi growing around the base of a tree
  3. A tree that's leaning over

We'll take our time to remove your tree safely. Contact us today if you need a professional tree company to remove or trim a tree.

Why choose us?

When homeowners or business owners in Boise, ID need a professional tree company, they come to us. That's because...

  • We're fully licensed and insured
  • We're locally owned and operated
  • We have an experienced climbing arborist on our team
  • We turn every tree we carefully dismantle into usable products

See for yourself why our clients work with us. Let us know what we can do for you.